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Modern Girl Blitz - Modern Girl Blitz

Little Mystery Blitz Box//Pick Your Theme

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Can't decide on what you want? Let me decide for you! Just Pick a theme using the menu and leave it to me.

Every box contains an assortment of items from my shop! Little boxes contain a bunch of, you guessed it, little things. Buttons, stickers, perhaps a pocket mirror or small jewelry piece too! I like to keep all of the items in the little mystery bag small (price wise) to make room for tons of variety.

Please note that each bag is different and will not contain all of these types of items, what you get will be a total surprise! Each bag contains items that match up with the value marked on the listing, sometimes slightly over because I'm nice ;)

Comes in the pink box pictured, stuffed with silver metallic shreddy stuff. Perfect for gifts!